09 April 2014

Fan Status 2014: V6 & Kinki Kids

V6 is the first of the sempai groups that I really pay little attention to and Kinki Kids is not much different for me. Since I like to keep up on idol news I have an inkling of what is going on with the groups but even that is minimal. So I figured I would cover them both to make sure this post is not too short.

There is little I can say about V6. They have some songs I like but not enough to compel to follow them. And I have seen very little of the group together or even individual. Of course the fact that the group does not do much as a group does not help much at all either.

The only thing that I am interested that is related to V6 is in Inohara Toshihiko's show, Mousolist which was Hyakushiki-Ou. He is also the only member of V6 that I have any real opinion on as I have actually seen him in something. It is good of course as he works quite well with his kouhai and is interesting in his own right without overshadowing the rest of the cast of the program. A good reason to why I like to watch the show.

With Kinki Kids I have a bit more of an impression, if just because I like their songs more. I actually have a few of their CDs but outside of the song here and there that I liked enough to buy I do not follow them much. While they do more that can be followed by an international fan they just do not interest me enough even though they are quite talented.

They are one of the groups that I will watch if I happen upon something with them in it but will not seek out anything for them. And since I do like their music I will give their music a listen to see if there is something that I like enough to buy the release.

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