02 April 2014

Fan Status 2014: TOKIO

TOKIO is another group that has not had much of a change in status with how much I fan over them. They remain my favorite group of the sempai groups and I have no issue picking up their CD releases. Of course it helps that like most sempai groups they do not release much these days.

I am not sure if I will get their upcoming best of album, HEART, if just because I have the feeling I will already have all the songs that will make it on it. I am missing some of their early albums though and only have their singles from the past five years so there is a chance there could be a chunk of songs that get voted in that I actually do not have. But I do hope that I will have the money to buy the inevitable video release of their 20th anniversary tour.

While I do not follow their other activities closely I do like to check out whatever dramas Nagase Tomoya has been in, as I tend to enjoy them. And I do not mind hunting down clips and episodes of programs that have the full group in them. The group has a great dynamic and I am not surprised that even after all this time they still can pull people in. Their show DASH is a great watch, though perhaps not so easy for those without Japanese knowledge, and it is no surprise that it is a hit. Who would have ever guessed watching 30-40 something idols making a deserted island habitable would be so entertaining?

And I love that they are fixed guests for Kohaku Uta Gussan. They may not get much focus on the program outside of their own performance but I love how they keep their tradition of "back dancing" for a female enka singer going. They always look like they have so much fun doing that. And I expect that for this year's Kohaku we may get something special from them even though it was last year that they had their 20th year of being on Kohaku. (They had their debut performance on the program which I believe is a part of why they always get invited back.)

But yes, even though I do not blog about them much I still love TOKIO and have them as my favorite sempai group.

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