23 April 2014

Fan Status 2014: NEWS

And finally back to a group that I do follow.

NEWS was the group that got me into Johnny's and have always had a spot in my heart for that and despite all that has happened with the group since then I still love the group. Even though they do not do much as a group I still love them and eagerly wait for what they do next as a group.

The few Tegomass releases that come out are nice. I much prefer NEWS over Tegomass but I enjoy both units. I just wish we got as much for NEWS as we have been getting for Tegomass as the duo seems to be able to release more for whatever reason.

Kato Shigeaki is still my favorite member and I have been happy to see that he has had some chances to do solo activities. I do need to catch up with picking up his books, but seeing as I am nowhere good enough with my Japanese to read any of them. But I do hope to be able to do so one day.

And it is also nice to see the individual work for the over members expand so they all seem to have something that they can do when the group is not active. I just hope the work will lead to chances for the group to do something, like release a new single from time to time.

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