30 April 2014

Fan Status 2014: Kanjani8

While I have had some interest in Kanjani8 over the years they stay fixed where they have been for me. A group that I enjoy but unfortunately I just do not have the time to really follow them much.

With K8 I mainly just pick up their albums when they come out, as their music is one of the things I enjoy most from them. In fact their last couple studio albums have been my favorites and I have faith that I will enjoy whatever they come out with. And by sticking with albums instead of trying to get the singles as well I can afford to keep up with group to that extent at least.

They are also another group that I enjoy seeing them and most of the individual members of in variety shows. From watching TORE I have come to like Murakami Shingo, who previously was never on my radar before.

Dramas though are another story as it seems very hit or miss if I will like a drama that has a member of K8 in it. But I am a bit more likely to give one a shot compared to a drama with a member of a Johnny's group that I really do not follow.

So as I mentioned at the start no real change in my interest for this group.

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