16 April 2014

Fan Status 2014: Arashi & Tackey & Tsubasa

Making another join entry with the next two groups as they are two that I do not pay much attention to.

For whatever reason Arashi has never interested me much. I do like some of their music, though it is mostly their pre-2010 songs, and have no issue with watching them if they happen to be in a program I am watching for another Johnny's. But overall they just do not appeal to me enough to become a fan.

I will check out any drama Ohno Satoshi is in though, as I tend to like them, but more because I tend to enjoy the drama as a whole and not simply because Ohno is in it. But that is about as close as I get to following Arashi.

I do feel like I am in the minority in the international Johnny's fandom for not being an Arashi fan but I have tried to like them and things just do not click. Not that I think they are lacking in anything as it all comes down to personal taste and mine just does not match up.

Duos never seem to be able to hold my attention in general and Tackey & Tsubasa are no exception to this. They also happen to be one of those groups that is a bit more difficult to follow the activities of overseas as their solo work, which they do quite a bit of, usually consists of live productions you need to be in Japan to see or concerts. Their actual group activities have dwindled over the years and while I do not mind listening to their music none of it grabs enough of my attention to want to own it.


Neko NyanNyan said...

Finally I know someone who is into Johnny's but doesn't really follow Arashi. I always felt like I am the only one not being very intressted in them. >-< I did understand why people like them so much but for me they never have been special or anything. Like you did, I also tried to like them but they never got my whole attention but I also like some of their songs. Mostly their old songs. >-<

Thennary Nak said...

We are out there but it does seem like we are the minority.