11 March 2014

Yuma's High Five

There has been some updates for Nakayama Yuma's upcoming single, High Five, which will be released on April 2nd. Mainly the jacket covers have been released.

Limited type A

Limited type B

Regular edition

I really cannot think of anything else to say about the other than that they are nice. They are not terrible or great but they also leave little to no impact. If anything they seem a bit boring and there does not seem to be any hints of how these tie in to the songs on the single.

Also, it looks like Yuma is moving towards being fully established as a solo artist. While he has yet to get a section on Johnny's-net the Johnny's Entertainment website has given him his own section. You can check it out here. But I think this can be taken as a sign that it probably is only a matter of time before he gets a section on J-net.


Anonymous said...

ah, the single covers have his name written in english letters.. with all english words on it too for the regular edition, not bad. the jacket seem simple thou.. would have prefered without his image on it, would have been interesting that way. happy for his 2nd single thou.. hope its better than the previous one. thanks,

Saori said...

yes, i don't think they seem very interesting or eye-catching... looking forward to it though, since i like his solo projects a lot!