27 March 2014

SHARK returns, sorta

The next late night NTV drama has been announced and it will be the first sequel for the time slot. SHARK will get a sequel series titled SHARK ~2nd Season~ and will premiere April 19th.

NTV OHP (Japanese)

The lead this time will be Shigeoka Daiki, who will play a bassist in a rock band called Cloud 5.

The other Johnny's in the cast are fellow Johnny's WEST members, Hamada Takahiro and Kamiyama Tomohiro, and Juniors Yasui Kentaro, Abe Aran, Hagiya Keigo, Iwahashi Genki, Jinguji Yuta, Matsukura Kaito and Negishi Aomi.

It is rather interesting that this time they are going for some of the younger Juniors for this. But I guess Jinguji and company are getting older, though most do not look it. I will be surprised if Hagiya is not the drummer in this. And I would assume Yasui will be given the role of the vocalist of the band. The rest I can only guess as that much information is not up on the site. I am rather curious about Negishi, as I do not recall seeing him before at all. Though with this drama role I am certain that will change.

With the returning members of the cast from the first season, Hamada and Kamiyama, I do wonder how this is to tie in to the first season.

But overall I need to get my laptop back so I can see about catching up with dramas so I can get around to eventually seeing this.


Neko NyanNyan said...

Thanks for the information I want to watch this badly and the main reason will be that Yasui is in the drama. I love that guy and can't wait to watch him in a drama again!! *0*

Thennary Nak said...

Yasui seems to get quite a bit of drama work for these late night series.

I just want to catch up with the newer series for this time slot. I've fallen so far behind.