30 March 2014

Johnny's WEST covers and colors

So the cover images are out for Johnny's WEST's debut single Ee Ja Nai Ka. And while the information about their member colors have been out for a while the covers help a lot with showing those off so I decided to tie that in.

This is the cover for the regular edition of the single. It is pretty basic but everyone can be seen clearly as well as their member colors, though Kiriyama Akito's orange looks rather yellow to me here.

The the first limited edition is the Naniwa Samurai Edition, which looks like they found a photo from the lives they just did and made it a cover. But honestly complaining about cheap covers for Johnny's is a moot point as it is something that is just not going to change.

Next is the second limited edition which is the NinJani Edition. And hey, it is a still shot from the movie NinJani Sanjo! but only Shigeaki Daiki and Kotaki Nozomu are in it.

The final limited edition is the WEST Edition which is just a basic group shot that would be easily found in the usual magazines that feature Johnny's. But to note this looks to be part of the same photo shoot for the individual covers you can order of the single (the MY BEST CD version) if you live in Japan so the member colors are worked into the outfits.

And of course going with member colors I will start with red, as that is typically given to the member that is either considered the leader of the group or the main face of the group. I am guessing Shigeoka Daiki got it for the latter as I do not see him leading the group with Akito around.

Speaking of Kiriyama Akito, as I mentioned before his member color is orange. And I will be shocked if he is not the actual leader of the group, seeing as he has been the leader of the Kansai Juniors for a while before this.

Nakama Junta is yellow, perhaps because it is close to orange or something. And I just want to mention that I do like how with these casual clothes covers the colors of each member has been worked in. Just enough to be noticed but not too much to make it an eyesore.

Kotaki Nozomu has pink, which is a fairly common color for group members in Johnny's. And it does tend to go members that are bound to be pushed in a group.

Hamada Takahiro is purple, which seems rather fitting as in Kanjani8 Murakami Shingo has the same color (though he calls it eggplant) and I see both having their strengths in MCing.

Fujii Ryusei gets to be blue. I do like the fact one of my favorite members of the group has one of my favorite colors.

Then last but not least Kamiyama Tomohiro has green, though his color is probably the hardest to notice with his outfit.

And again I find myself pumped up for this release. I want my copies of the single in my hands as soon as possible. And I will be wishing I could get a copy of the MY BEST CD version with an Akito or Ryusei cover. (And of course with the two different songs that are exclusive to it.)

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Neko NyanNyan said...

I love the color's they have been given as well. And yay Fujii is one of my favorite's too!! I have to say I am also happy about the covers because it's not like with kisumai or sexy zone, that some of the members are knowingly prefered on the pictures. And I had the feeling that this might happen because of the three entering the band later.
So I am really gald to see that it's not like this! *0*