01 March 2014

Jin leaves Johnny's

It has been announced that Akanishi Jin has left the Johnny's & Associates agency. His contract with them ended on February 28th and he simply opted not to renew it. From what information is out there the agency agreed with his choice and the live concert release of his club tour that is set to be released in April will go ahead as planned and will be his final release with the agency.

Yahoo News Japan (Japanese)

Honestly I cannot feel surprised at this news. It had become apparent that Johnny's and Jin wanted very different things from his career so parting ways honestly feels natural. It will be interesting to see what comes of his career without the backing of Johnny's, but at least his wife Kuroki Meisa can earn an income to support the family if it all comes to naught. But at least with leaving the agency like this I think he should be able to set up some kind of career for himself post-Johnny's without too much worry about being black listed.

In the end Jin has the freedom to go out and be the kind of artist he wants to be while Johnny's has lost one of their more scandal laden talents so it looks to be a win-win for both parties. I just hope the members of KAT-TUN are not hounded about their opinions about this matter, seeing as they really have had little to do with each other since Jin decided to leave the group.

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