14 March 2014

It's not good, it's great!

I think I may need to complain on twitter more about the lack of information for upcoming releases. I did so yesterday afternoon and then last night finally some surfaced. I guess if I was in a different timezone I would have been able to stay up late enough for the pre-order links to show up then instead of having to wait until this morning.

I am of course talking about Johnny's WEST debut single that will be released on April 23rd and is titled Eejyanaika. It will have three limited editions plus a regular edition and there is a bundle for all four of them. As a first press bonus for all the CDs there will be a poster included.

The limited editions only differ with jacket cover and DVD content. They all will have the same track list of the title song and a B-side called Banzai Yume Monsai! with karaoke tracks for both of them.

The limited edition type A comes with a DVD that is listed to have about 30 minutes worth of video from their concerts last month in Tokyo. It comes with an 8-page booklet.

The limited edition type B comes with a DVD that will have a talk with the members of the group. It will also have movie off shot footage. This also comes with an 8-page booklet.

The limited edition type C is the one that has the PV for the title track on the DVD. It does also include making of footage for the PV. Like the other limited editions this will also have an 8-page booklet.

The regular edition has the two song tracks that the limited editions have plus two bonus tracks that they do not. It also comes with a 12 page booklet.

Then there is the bundle release which is just all four singles bundled together. So if you want them all this is just an easy way to get them.

There is also another version, the MY BEST CD version that is only available through an online store. You can pick a cover from seven solo jackets (one for each member) then pick from two songs which one you want on the CD. It is limited to two CDs per account and of course you need a Japanese address to even do it.

Since this is the release I've been waiting for to make my next order from CDJapan I have already put in my pre-order. I just went with the LE type C and the RE for this single and I feel so excited for this. I wish I could order the MY BEST CD, and with the number someone can order it looks near impossible to get through other means for overseas fans. But in the end I am mostly just happy things are confirmed for this debut single and cannot wait for my copy to reach me.


Angi said...

I AM SO EXTREMLY HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!! I wish they would have reased one edition less, because it's sooooo expensive but what ever I am really excited about this release and I can't wait to get it, even though it will still take a looooong time! >_<
Also I wanted to say that I used your afflaite link and I wanted to aks if you really got the points for me buying the single? Because I use the affaite pogramm as well but somehow I have the feeling it's not working very well. >-< Would be great if you could tell me?!

Thennary Nak said...

I decided to limit myself to only two versions of the single, though I know if I could I would have gotten two versions of the MY BEST CD as well.

Thank you for using the links. I do have two orders for the single that I know are not mine. One is for the bundle and the other for two versions of the single. I can only assume one is yours, as the only information about orders I have access to is what was ordered and what day an order was made.

But again thank you for wanting to use the links. Honestly right now the only reason I could make my order is because of what I received from the program was enough for it. So I really appreciate everyone who uses them, as the little I get does tend to go directly back to CDJapan so I can purchase Johnny's releases.