25 March 2014

Fan Status 2014 introduction post

One of the things I want to do is to take some time to reassess where I stand as a fan of the various Johnny's groups. This may be more useful to me than anyone else but with so many Johnny's groups and of course more to eventually come over the future years I feel it is something of a necessity. There is only so much time and money I have to follow Johnny's, not to mention every other interest I have, after all.

So I plan on starting up a series of posts that will go over the Johnny's groups and give my impressions of them and go over why or why not I feel like they are worth following for me. I hope to have one entry per week and I will probably go by debut seniority, starting with SMAP as the Johnny's that debuted before them are rarely active so it is not like I could really follow them.

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Neko NyanNyan said...

I am looking forward to these posts!! ^-^