22 February 2014

New Shounen Club Hosts

It has been announced that The Shounen Club will be getting new hosts when the program enters its new season in April. Replacing Hey! Say! JUMP will be Kawai Fumito and Kiriyama Akito.

I think for regular viewers of the program having HSJ being replaced as hosts should be no big surprise as they have had their presence minimized over the past year with Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z members stepping up to MC segments. It is a bit sad to see HSJ go, as who knows when or if they will be back on the program again as guests after this.

I am happy to see Akito as one of the hosts, as his talkative nature and the fact that he has been dealing with Juniors as leader of the Kansai Juniors should make him a great fit as a host for the program. Also with Johnny's WEST debuting in April it would be good for the group to have a member doing something on the national level to keep the group in people's minds.

I am surprised that we are only getting Kawai from Ebi and no SZ members as well. The two groups have been dominating the show in the past year or so which made me believe that they would just take over as hosts after HSJ. But I guess the producers may have wanted to go back and try the two main host thing again like they had with Koyama Keiichiro and Nakamaru Yuichi. And Kawai should be a good fit with Akito as both have no trouble talking so neither should over shadow the other. Also Ebi is really only recently finding their ground in the entertainment world as SZ seems to be progressing without issue after a weak start so Ebi could probably use the extra support.

Of course how much for the program is really going to change will not be known until the first episode comes out in early April, but I know I am looking forward to that.

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