24 February 2014

Kisumai Hits and Yuma High Fives

There are a couple of new releases that have been announced from Johnny's that I follow. First up is a single collection from Kis-My-Ft2 to be released on March 26th. The collection will have all their single A-sides from their debut single Everybody Go to their last single of 2013, SNOW DOME no Yakusoku/Luv Sick. This will give the album a total of 14 tracks and all editions come with stickers as a first press bonus. The title of the album will be HIT! HIT! HIT! ~ Kisumai Selection 2014.

The limited edition will come with a DVD that will have all the PVs for all the songs in the collection. It will also come with a second DVD exclusive to the edition that will have live concert digest footage of 13 of the tracks being performed. It will also come with a photo book the same size as the CD cover as well as a slipcase for the digipak it will come in.

The first regular edition will come with the DVD that will have the PVs for all the songs as well. The first press bonus for this edition will be a digipak (which is a special casing for those wondering).

The other regular edition is just the CD but it will come with a bonus track. The bonus track is one of the group's songs from their Junior era that has yet to be released, Kis-My-Calling.

HIT! HIT! HIT! - Kis-My Selection 2014 - (Title subject to change) [Regular Edition / Type B] / Kis-My-Ft2

Honestly as someone who has all the group's singles this release does not excite me much outside of the inclusion of Kis-My-Calling on the CD only version. If the song was on the other regular edition as well I would be more interested as this works well as a PV collection for the group as well with that and that is something I am interested in. But I guess for anyone coming in late to become a fan of the group or someone who has not been able to afford all the singles this is not a bad deal at all.

Of course since we are getting this single collection, which does include songs that have not been included on an album yet, it makes me wonder if management wants to change their release schedule a bit. Or at least for albums as Hikari no Signal would typically have ended up on the group's next studio album with the previous 2013 singles post- Good Ikuze! Now it will most likely count as the first single for a new album and we will get two or three singles more before then. This will probably also mean that the time of year the group will tour will change as they tend to mostly tour when there is a new album. If so I would not be surprised if they begin touring in the winter regularly instead of the summer like they have been.

And for a little change of pace the other new release announced is a new single for Nakayama Yuma. The single will be released April 2nd and is titled High Five. It will come in three different versions as well as a bundle version that collects all three versions together.

The limited edition type A is the usual limited edition with DVD that will have the title track on the CD and will include the song Ai made ga Knife, which was used as a theme song for a drama. It will also include the karaoke tracks for both songs. The DVD will be the PV of the title track as well as the making of feature. It also comes with a clearfile.

The limited edition type B will have the same CD contents but the DVD included will feature footage from the NAKAYAMA YUMA with KANSAI JOHNNY'S Jr. In ORIX THEATER. It is listed to run for about 37 minutes. The Kanjuu featured should be the ones that make up Johnny's WEST, B.A.D., 7WEST and Hamada Takahiro. It also comes with a clearfile.

The regular edition is just the CD but it will come with two bonus B-sides, so Crazy and BLOSSOM TREE. It also comes with a B2 sized poster.

The bundled collection of course includes all three versions of the singles as well as all the bonus items, the clearfiles and poster.

This release has me excited as I tend to like Yuma's songs. Not sure still about him being a solo artist but I think it will work out better than NYC did and I do at least enjoy the music.

I will definitely be pre-ordering at least the regular edition of the single but not until pre-orders open for Johnny's WEST's debut single. That should hopefully happen soon as they are still set to debut in April and I would not be surprised if we get more information at least about it on Friday when the final concert for the group happens. So depending on how many versions of the single that will have will determine which versions of Yuma's single I will be getting.

So overall April looks to be a month I get to catch up with Johnny's releases as I have myself down for JW's debut single, Yuma's single and Kisumai's single (Hikari no Signal). I just hope I get a bit of a break after that to save up for the next set of releases.


Angi said...

Thanks a lot for the information!!
I am really happy about the new single by Yuma, I didn't excpect that!! >-<
I really love his music so I hope he will release more solo singles in the future!

nanu b said...

I really hope there will be a new kisumai album this year aside of curse of this compilation of singles but Im looking forward the live performance from the dvd that is attached to this relase. I do think it´s a bit to soon to do this-a best single album- but we will see how well it sells.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Angi

No problem, happy to share. I'm really happy for the new single myself. Though I expected we would be getting something when he had a drama tie-in for one of his songs.

@ nanu b

I hope so too, but I think it will be sometime near the end of the year as they need to get out a couple more singles at least for it.

I hope it sells well, Kisumai do seem to be one of the better sellers in Johnny's and hopefully their fanbase is growing with their variety programs and drama roles.