30 November 2012

MSSL line-up announced (Johnny's focused)

Rounding out the major year end music programs in Japan is Music Station Super Live. The program will air on December 21st and has announced their list of performers for it.

MSSL site (Japanese)

Johnny's artists:

Kinki Kids
Hey! Say! JUMP

Other artists I'm looking forward to:

Mr. Children

I am sad to see that NEWS is not on the list but hopefully I will get plenty of them on music programs leading up to their new single being released in December. And I will assume Sexy Zone is missing from the list as not only will they be doing Johnny's World still but have their own winter concert tour that they will need to be ready for around that time.

I feel happy for KAT-TUN to get on this program. They tend to get overshadowed by other groups these days so it is nice to see that they are not completely forgotten. And since they have a new CM tie-in song fans of the group will be able to look forward to a new single from the group in the near future.

And I am quite happy to see most of my favorite J-rock groups will be on the show. Somehow I cannot help but feel this will be a rather epic show with both B'z and Mr. Children performing as they are both top of the top tier when it comes to modern Japanese music artists.

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